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  1. Sugor, and was sailing from the Seychelles to Port Louis with dispatches.
  2. Gelbard has criticized Indonesia's leaders as not proceeding with dispatch for reform.
  3. Robert Stopford sent " King George " back to England with dispatches.
  4. "Enterprise " was sent back to Baltimore with dispatches after this engagement.
  5. They need to move with dispatch to interview as many witnesses as possible.
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  7. Goupilleau who sailed from Bayonne with dispatches for 蝜e de France.
  8. She was two days out of Rochefort with dispatches for Guadeloupe.
  9. She sailed on 2 June with dispatches for the Channel Fleet.
  10. Nisbet returned to Palermo with dispatches from Constantinople for Nelson.
  11. Russian troops took most of Chechnya's northern flatlands with dispatch.
  12. On 7 July, " Curieux " arrived in Plymouth with dispatches from Lord Nelson.
  13. He also praised the Singapore government, saying it had " acted with dispatch ."
  14. Departing on the 17th, " Nautilus " retired to Malta with dispatches and casualties.
  15. He was sent to England with dispatches that same month.
  16. She was sailing to Brest with dispatches from the French minister in the United States.
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