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  1. From that point, development has been plagued with cost overruns.
  2. Both Rammer and Palin wired Medvedeva money to help with costs.
  3. He and Mamah flirt; her husband is concerned with costs.
  4. The electricity tariffs have to be adjusted in line with costs.
  5. Tiensten s application was rejected, with costs by the NEC.
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  7. Concerned that vouchers to purchase insurance will not keep pace with costs.
  8. Along with costs, a critical factor is investment performance.
  9. Some companies have offset the rising expenses with cost cuts.
  10. They could have had the same effect on earnings with cost controls,
  11. The technical challenges are enormous, with costs to match.
  12. Neither company has a lot of history with cost cutting.
  13. The reasoning behind these proposed mergers starts with cost savings,
  14. People here acknowledge that the transformation has come with costs.
  15. When buying, we're more concerned with cost and quality.
  16. Smaller employers are coping with cost increases simply by cutting benefits completely.
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