with activity in a sentence

"with activity" in Chinese  
  1. Unlike most of the economy, the Daewoo plant is bursting with activity.
  2. We want this building to be alive with activity all the time,
  3. In the late morning of a chilly day, it vibrated with activity.
  4. The area is a weekend getaway spot that once bustled with activity.
  5. Is he managing well in school and with activities such as sports?
  6. It's difficult to find with activity in a sentence.
  7. Organize your space like a kindergarten classroom, with activities defining storage needs.
  8. Camp shops and restaurants that normally buzz with activity were shuttered Wednesday.
  9. Both men head businesses with activities and customer bases in the South.
  10. A few steps away sits a cluttered room bristling with activity.
  11. Occupational therapy can provide assistance with activities as well as equipment.
  12. This place is not only buzzing with activity but you can see it,
  13. This is a sport ready to explode with activity and ideas.
  14. More difficult to imagine is that the area was once teeming with activity.
  15. Many cities become festive happenings in summer with activities for the whole family.
  16. Nearly 26 percent of residents need no assistance with activities of daily living.
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