with a blow in a sentence

  1. He was killed with a blow from a rifle butt,
  2. FIU and FAU have really hit us with a blow.
  3. Pittman responded with a blow to Taylor's helmet.
  4. Down on the beach he killed it with a blow to the head.
  5. It is applied to the hair, then heated with a blow dryer.
  6. It's difficult to find with a blow in a sentence.
  7. -- Heat vinyl stickers with a blow-dryer or heat gun.
  8. A coroner said she had been murdered with a blow to the head.
  9. De Lange then turned around and floored Schoeman with a blow to the chin.
  10. SaitM entered and ambushed Shishio, attempting kill with a blow to the head.
  11. His head injury was consistent with a blow from a blunt object, DeFazio said.
  12. He landed on the ground with a blow that knocked the wind out of him.
  13. Immediately a female figure issues forth from the ground an strikes Hatim with a blow.
  14. A mentally-ill Superboy-Prime kills Pantha with a blow to the head.
  15. Unable to control himself any longer, Damian kills Morgan with a blow between the eyes.
  16. Ashlee was dealt with a blow when Doris revealed to her that she was a lesbian.
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