with a blank stare in a sentence

  1. But the officers were met with a blank stare from the agent.
  2. If he reacts with a blank stare, run as fast as you can.
  3. "I don't know, " she said with a blank stare.
  4. Sometimes, when his coach offered advice or issued instructions, he responded with a blank stare.
  5. Elvis looked up at me with a blank stare.
  6. It's difficult to find with a blank stare in a sentence.
  7. Some people are driven to red-faced sputtering over the subject while others listen with a blank stare.
  8. Agassi explained afterward with a blank stare.
  9. She was greeted with a blank stare, and was finally told that the store did not carry them.
  10. Stephanie Netolicky of Ankeny, Iowa, responded with a blank stare when she was asked about the Subway Series.
  11. Order a sazerac or a Ramos gin fizz anywhere else in America and you will be rewarded with a blank stare.
  12. She looks up only a short while with a blank stare to watch Ethan and Sophie drive away from the estate.
  13. Answer anyone who mentions Madonna, U2 or the latest country star with a blank stare and the words, " Who's that ?"
  14. As the afternoon progresses, an old man with a blank stare wanders into Stoner's room and starts rooting about in a drawer.
  15. With a blank stare on his face, Luis Castillo stood in the on-deck circle and watched his teammates celebrate a fifth consecutive victory Saturday night.
  16. Even if an actor shows a reaction, Chase and his producers will often throw away that piece of emotive film and replace it with a blank stare.
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