with a belly in a sentence

  1. I pressed back Salerno's intestine with a belly compress.
  2. Scott fought back with a belly to back suplex and a clothesline.
  3. Because we have a woman in the morgue with a belly-button ring.
  4. Then he had the topsoil removed with a belly loader, to expose the subsoil.
  5. "Nobody condescends to me, " he said, with a belly laugh.
  6. It's difficult to find with a belly in a sentence.
  7. Wolanyo Agrah, the general secretary of the Ghanaian soccer federation, said with a belly laugh.
  8. Anybody with a belly has visceral fat, and the more you have the worse off you are.
  9. This is a baggy pair of cheap underwear on a 34-year-old with a belly.
  10. "At least that's our story, " he said, with a belly laugh.
  11. The Rainbow Family, they're fond of saying, is open to everyone with a belly button.
  12. She walked around with a belly shirt on one time too many, and she did get into trouble.
  13. He probably didn't want to go up against the Dry Gulch Gang with a belly full of rotgut.
  14. Hetzel would sign Yates's tabs with " this little silly cutesy person with a belly button ."
  15. Clarke credited a switch back to a conventional putter for his strong round after two weeks playing with a belly putter.
  16. Last year, for example, a Nordstrom print advertisement featured a woman with a belly-button ring with a diamond.
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