with a barge in tow in a sentence

  1. A tug with a barge in tow also must display three white lights, vertically, on its mast.
  2. With a barge in tow, he said it takes a mile to stop and about five minutes to make a 30-degree turn.
  3. Simpson testified that shortly before 5 a . m ., he was traveling southbound at about 11 miles per hour with a barge in tow and 700 feet astern.
  4. A 75-ton schooner fell victim to her deck guns 10 January, and two days later " Grenadier " sighted a small tanker with a barge in tow.
  5. On 1 December, the tug was reassigned to Service Squadron 2 ( ServRon 2 ) and departed Seattle that same day with a barge in tow, bound for Oakland, California.
  6. It's difficult to find with a barge in tow in a sentence.
  7. After fruitlessly seeking this ship from 18 to 23 June, " Arapaho " set sail on 25 June apparently from Key West, Florida with a barge in tow on her way to Panama.

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