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  1. Mozart also had an unusual ability to compose imaginatively for wind instruments.
  2. Traditional music here is played by bands of wind instruments and marimbas.
  3. Instruments used in the show include percussion, violin, and various wind instruments.
  4. Danilo Caymmi is considered among the most notable Brazilian wind instrument musicians.
  5. The orchestra was a t韕ica in format, based mainly on wind instruments.
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  7. Silver and silver alloys are used in some high-quality musical wind instruments.
  8. Another man played music on a traditional wind instrument called the didgeridoo.
  9. Luzi and Des Demonia focused on wind instruments and Sakepharus on percussion.
  10. :: On the contrary, for wind instruments the effect is quite noticeable.
  11. In Watt's day, the flute was the most popular of all wind instruments.
  12. Italy's wind instruments include most prominently a variety of folk flutes.
  13. Orquesta Alem醤 was a t韕ica or band based on wind instruments.
  14. His father early taught him to play string and wind instruments.
  15. Hofmann composed numerous instructive pieces for piano, string and wind instruments.
  16. The reflections and resultant standing waves are very important in musical wind instruments.
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