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  1. Wilkins shuffled out the door convinced his career here was over.
  2. Until that point, Wilkins had been having a rough night.
  3. "It's nice, " said Wilkins.
  4. Wilkins and another man went into the store to rob it.
  5. O'Brien said Wilkins has a history of mental illness.
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  7. He has ardently argued for Wilkins'execution in the past.
  8. Wilkins, 39, became president of Horsham in April 1994.
  9. When the lockout was imposed, Wilkins was denied the loan.
  10. Wilkins got out of his contract and now is in Greece.
  11. They listened to Drew Bledsoe, Dominique Wilkins and Tim Naehring.
  12. Dominique Wilkins is hoping to return to the NBA this season.
  13. Key newcomers : Felton Spencer, Derek Strong, Gerald Wilkins.
  14. San Antonio signed the veteran scorers Dominique Wilkins and Vernon Maxwell.
  15. Dominique Wilkins and Vernon Maxwell were signed to strengthen the bench.
  16. That paved the way for Wilkins to gain extended playing time.
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