wilhelm iv in a sentence

  1. Silk pictures with the portraits of Friedrich Wilhelm IV and his consort Elisabeth.
  2. He then was employed by Landgraf Wilhelm IV . of Hessen-Kassel.
  3. Irate and possibly jealous, King Frederick Wilhelm IV requested that Hannegan be recalled.
  4. In 1544, Froben married Kunigunde, a daughter of Wilhelm IV of Eberstein.
  5. Between 1265-69, Duke Wilhelm IV of J黮ich built the castle of Wilhelmstein.
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  7. Christoph Rothmann was appointed in 1577 as court mathematician in Kassel by Prince Wilhelm IV of Hessen.
  8. In 1855, he met with Alexander von Humboldt and King Friedrich Wilhelm IV together in Berlin.
  9. In 1840, the recently enthroned King Friedrich Wilhelm IV assigned the urban planning of Berlin to Lenn?
  10. There, he rose to first pastor, and became chaplain to the Landgrave Wilhelm IV of Hesse.
  11. He was honored with the Prussian Order of Merit for Science by Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia in 1851.
  12. Der Bef黵worter dieses Bauvorhabens, der nunmehrige K鰊ig Friedrich Wilhelm IV ., war seit 1840 an der Regierung.
  13. Like his father, Wilhelm IV served as president of the Reichskammergericht; he presided from 1546 to 1555.
  14. After abdicating he moved to Berlin where he was made a privy-councillor by King Friedrich Wilhelm IV.
  15. In 1846, Friedrich Wilhelm IV appointed him the " Agent for Antiquities " for the museums of Berlin.
  16. Friedrich Wilhelm IV, while still the crown prince, began making designs for the modernization of the Garrison Church.
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