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  1. Max asked for Ludendorff to be dismissed and Wilhelm II agreed.
  2. When Bismarck realized that Wilhelm II was about to dismiss him:
  3. German Kaiser Wilhelm II pardoned him on August 16, 1908.
  4. The regent acted under the strict guidance of Emperor Wilhelm II.
  5. She lobbied members of the Kaiser Wilhelm II of his support.
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  7. The German Emperor Wilhelm II visited Bansin several times for vacation.
  8. Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany expressed his admiration for the car.
  9. The new railway was visited twice by German Emperor Wilhelm II.
  10. When emperor Wilhelm II left the country the German Empire dissolved.
  11. The company was as optometrist the King of Prussia Wilhelm II.
  12. The new canal was opened by Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1895.
  13. In 1888, the young and ambitious Kaiser Wilhelm II became emperor.
  14. Each of these three heads of department reported separately to Wilhelm II.
  15. German Kaiser Wilhelm II was also fond of taking holidays in Corfu.
  16. His medal was presented by Kaiser Wilhelm II on 12 January 1916.
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