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  1. German Kaiser Wilhelm II was also fond of taking holidays in Corfu.
  2. The third section was also built for Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1898.
  3. In 1900, Kaiser Wilhelm II instituted the idea of national German pride.
  4. Wilhelm II appointed a new cabinet that included SPD members in it.
  5. Kaiser Wilhelm II ordered General Goltz to establish the first German mission.
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  7. His medal was presented by Kaiser Wilhelm II on 12 January 1916.
  8. In 1788 he became justice minister under Friedrich Wilhelm II of Prussia.
  9. Each of these three heads of department reported separately to Wilhelm II.
  10. He petitioned Kaiser Wilhelm II in January 1900 to approve the project.
  11. In September 1918, it required the resignation of the Emperor Wilhelm II.
  12. Wilhelm II, however, never agreed to relinquish direct control of his fleet.
  13. Wilhelm II . would wear the uniform of a Gro遖dmiral on occasions.
  14. There is reason to believe that he informed Wilhelm II of his wishes.
  15. On 2 August, Kaiser Wilhelm II ordered German mobilization against France and Russia.
  16. The construction of the street started in 1874 from Emperor Wilhelm II ..
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