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  1. Whether the story is about the marriage of Johann Wilhelm is debatable.
  2. The first part was finished after the proclamation of Wilhelm I as emperor.
  3. It was given city rights by Friedrich Wilhelm I in 1739.
  4. He named them for Wilhelm I, then German Emperor and King of Prussia.
  5. Schneckenburger worked in Wilhelm I . This version gained popularity at later events.
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  7. Before this, both Otto von Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm I had stayed there.
  8. The German Army retreats, and Crown Prince Wilhelm is killed by a sniper.
  9. Wilhelm is an engineer for Siemens and regularly visits its Greater Manchester plant.
  10. Nach Wageners Tod nahm Wilhelm I . durch Erlass vom 27.
  11. As far as Wilhelm is concerned, nobody else should even get a chance.
  12. A portrait of Kaiser Wilhelm I was " captured " at Schultz's store.
  13. When Karl Wilhelm is the age of 12 his mother contracts fatal pancreatic cancer.
  14. Wilhelm is commander of the U . S . Marine Corps Combat Development Command.
  15. Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm I presented Peter with the elaborately carved chamber in 1716.
  16. The shipyard was officially opened 1869 by the Prussian King " Wilhelm I ".
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