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  1. Oxfam also charged several European governments of " wilful neglect " over the crisis.
  2. Yet the violence and wilful neglect was hardly even logical.
  3. However, the following year, Anderson was dismissed by the union executive on a charge of " wilful neglect of duty ".
  4. Wilful neglect of safety provisions became punishable in the case of employers as well as miners by imprisonment with hard labour.
  5. "' Article Eight "'states that all state elected offices, including Supreme Court Justices, are subject to impeachment for wilful neglect of duty, corruption in office, habitual drunkenness, incompetency, or any offense involving moral turpitude committed while in office.
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  7. The Criminal Justice and Courts Bill in 2014 was amended to include laws so staff, managers and directors could face jail sentences for abuse and wilful neglect in their care  with the companies being fined and publicly named for their role in any abuse.
  8. Champion criticised the lack of progress over a national child abuse task force and a whistleblowing portal that had no'taskforce to blow to'as well as the failure to begin a consultation on extending the offence of wilful neglect to children's social care, education and councils.
  9. Pakistan's Hamoodur Rahman Commission recommended that the Commander 1 Corps, who " surrendered to the enemy without a fight " should " be tried for criminal and wilful neglect of duty " and poor conduct of operations, that " seriously jeopardized the Army offensive in the south.

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