wilds in a sentence

"wilds" meaning  "wilds" in Chinese  
  1. Where does Showalter start in assessing this wild and wacky contest?
  2. "That's the real wild card,"
  3. In one, they encountered Wild Bill Hickok at the bar.
  4. We gave out 16 million premiums and thought that was wild.
  5. His Mesquite Rodeo competition brings Wild West entertainment to Dallas suburbanites.
  6. It's difficult to find wilds in a sentence.
  7. Then I went looking for wild items like morels and chanterelles.
  8. This year has seen a wild fire season throughout the West.
  9. "He's like a wild colt,"
  10. She became so consistently wild that her time indoors became rare.
  11. Finally, consider making your property less hospitable to wild animals.
  12. Wild Cat and the rest got to Mexico that next summer,
  13. They then keep it as open forage country for wild animals.
  14. It would be arrogant to release these fish into the wild.
  15. Wild cards are available at whatever event she deems to enter.
  16. "It's really gone wild lately,"
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