wildness in a sentence

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  1. Yet, there is a wildness about that place, too.
  2. It finally turned on Avery's wildness in the clutch.
  3. In the midst of the wildness, Florida still earned plenty.
  4. But there is very little wildness in today's Wilde.
  5. All pitchers are going to go through their streaks of wildness.
  6. It's difficult to find wildness in a sentence.
  7. He conjured a sense of childhood that included risk and wildness.
  8. He's more than compensating for occasional fits of wildness.
  9. Gardening at the edge of wildness, I realize one thing.
  10. I just had that little bit of wildness in the fourth.
  11. Reith's wildness set up the four-run fourth.
  12. They took advantage of rare Park wildness in the eighth inning.
  13. Masses of people would of course mark the end of wildness.
  14. Nor dreamed, considering Ishii's wildness throughout spring training.
  15. But eventually, Woods'wildness off the tee cost him.
  16. The only Pittsburgh run against him resulted from his own wildness.
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