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  1. Much of the evidence is, of course, wildly unscientific.
  2. Today it fluctuates wildly against the German mark and Japanese yen.
  3. Thus primed, the audience at the midnight screening responded wildly.
  4. This means that restaurants with terrible food often become wildly popular.
  5. During the set, Watt turned to Grohl and grinned wildly.
  6. It's difficult to find wildly in a sentence.
  7. It was a wildly unrealistic goal, like so many others.
  8. When I first opened, it was wildly out of control.
  9. In his bunker, Robert Walker watched his gauges rotate wildly.
  10. This crossover is not as wildly improbable as it might seem.
  11. Since then, production has vacillated wildly as territory changed hands.
  12. From the few concrete figures, some drew wildly differing estimates.
  13. The plans have proven wildly popular since their creation in 1978.
  14. But the development of young horses can take wildly unpredictable turns.
  15. Even the lowest death estimates are wildly exaggerated, they insist.
  16. Many experts say the fear of genetic engineering is wildly overblown.
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