wild imagination in a sentence

"wild imagination" in Chinese  
  1. Prado kept Behrens and Chavez in a box while pushing pacesetter Wild Imagination.
  2. "Nah, " he said quickly . " I've got a wild imagination ."
  3. Other stories of shipwrecks and cowboys reveal Mitchell's wild imagination and spirit of adventure.
  4. Wild imagination is no longer required to hear the whine of high-powered racing engines.
  5. Such a world is exciting enough for a precocious 9-year-old with a wild imagination.
  6. It's difficult to find wild imagination in a sentence.
  7. It is all but Karthik's wild imagination is the rest.
  8. He's always had a wild imagination, that's all ."
  9. That Josh Miller _ what a wild imagination.
  10. "She's got a wild imagination, " said Rachel.
  11. I have, therefore, never attempted to systematize my thinking is just a case of wild imagination.
  12. Like most kids, Lil had a wild imagination.
  13. Christopher has a wild imagination, telling stories about dragons and witches that frighten the other orphans.
  14. Especially since he has a wild imagination.
  15. Aviya's wild imagination regarding her quest to find her father leads to the climax of the film.
  16. Carey always had a wild imagination.
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