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  1. The Wild Huntsman takes Fain out of this reality.
  2. A Wild Huntsman appears in Red Robin # 3.
  3. This transferred the bond with the Wild Huntsman and the compulsion to hunt to Shaw.
  4. The Wild Huntsman is missing in action, having vanished in the seeming defeat of Fain.
  5. The "'Wild Huntsman "'is a fictional superhero published by DC Comics.
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  7. A romantic relationship with Dorcas Leigh ( Wild Huntsman and Fain Y'Onia vanish from this reality.
  8. A Wild Huntsman and his animals appears fighting with Enchantress, defeating them and transforming them into hounds.
  9. He did not understand the commitment he was making to the Wild Huntsman and found himself compelled to hunt the lonely.
  10. He returns to Bialya, along with Rising Sun and Wild Huntsman, who had awakened at the same time as he.
  11. Instead of Dietrich as the Wild Huntsman, the Wunderer is placed in this role, and Dietrich defends the lady he is attacking.
  12. It was later revealed that Lawler had undergone the same mental programming as Mark Shaw and that the Wild Huntsman was actually an illusion created as a side effect.
  13. 19th century scholarship attempted to connect Frau Saelde of the poem with " Saligen ", female figures of Tyrolean folk stories who are chased by the Wild Huntsman.
  14. In their next storyline, the members of the Shadowpact have found themselves targeted by a whole host of villains including Blue Moon, Wild Huntsman, and the Congregation.
  15. During this arc, Enchantress and Ragman are both turned into hellhounds by the Wild Huntsman, and Nightshade, Blue Devil, and Ragman are all blinded by the Congregation.
  16. The struggle against and defeat of Fain takes the lives of Godiva's friends Wild Huntsman missing in action, while putting the seer Tuatara from New Zealand into a coma.
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