wild horses in a sentence

"wild horses" in Chinese  
  1. This is the beginning of the end for these wild horses.
  2. It would take wild horses to drag me back this time.
  3. There are also several herds of wild horses on the plateau.
  4. Before they were domesticated, humans hunted wild horses for meat.
  5. Part of this is tricking the man into killing wild horses.
  6. It's difficult to find wild horses in a sentence.
  7. After the first Wild Horses album, the band split up.
  8. It is forage for cattle, sheep, and wild horses.
  9. Wild horses, deadly rattlers, fireworks, freight trains.
  10. It's easier to hunt wild horses, reindeer and moose.
  11. You may learn something about wild horses or human nature.
  12. I'm used to wild horses, " he said.
  13. My thoughts and anxieties fill me like a team of wild horses.
  14. They brag about having unpredictable moods, wild horses and weird weather.
  15. If anything is destroying native habitat, it is the wild horses.
  16. Wild horses live in two groups : families and bachelors.
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