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  1. The suffragans continued to be limited to the bishops of Whithorn.
  2. Whithorn covered most of Dumfries and Galloway region west of Dumfries itself.
  3. He had a vessel which traded between Wigtown and Whithorn.
  4. Christian firmly maintained the position of Whithorn as a suffragan of York.
  5. Kirkinner railway station was located on the Newton Stewart to Whithorn branchline.
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  7. Early in April he arrived at the shrine of St Ninian at Whithorn.
  8. The extension to Whithorn opened on 9 July 1877.
  9. Just south of Physgill in Whithorn area was Tonorghie of Hugh Stewart Esq.
  10. "We're delighted, " said Virgin spokesman Will Whithorn.
  11. Fitted with tender cab for working Whithorn branch.
  12. It served the town of Whithorn in Wigtownshire.
  13. Between 1923 and 1936 Whithorn appeared in seven cup finals but lost on each occasion.
  14. Romeyn often used the Bishop of Whithorn as his deputy for confirmations and other ecclesiastical matters.
  15. Goods services ran from Newton Stewart to Whithorn until the line closed on 5 October 1964.
  16. George Stewart s sister, Agnes Stewart married William Houston of Cutreoch, Whithorn, Wigtownshire.
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