white in a sentence

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  1. Geraci has placed others at the White Dove Gallery in Tacoma.
  2. Others were parading with red and green lettering on white bedsheets.
  3. This White House team knows how to upstage a presidential trip.
  4. Because the Navy officers were white, " she said.
  5. Like most people, Roy White remembered a Mantle home run.
  6. It's difficult to find white in a sentence.
  7. We hope to solidify White Plains as the dominant fashion market.
  8. He even sent salad to the White House and to France.
  9. Q . Has the shakeup at the White House changed much?
  10. This tends to favor whites evaluated by like-minded whites.
  11. This tends to favor whites evaluated by like-minded whites.
  12. You have a black man accused of killing a white woman,
  13. Contact : White House Press Office, 202-456-2100
  14. Brush each of the bites with some egg whites if desired.
  15. The White House should have encouraged Mr . Altman to recuse.
  16. It was in 1971 and I was with the White Sox.
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