white iron in a sentence

"white iron" meaning  "white iron" in Chinese  
  1. The ornate white iron bars are a common anti-burglar device in Manila.
  2. Grey iron is less brittle and easier to finish than white iron.
  3. The show is a co-production between Purple Dog Media and White Iron Pictures.
  4. In cast iron sulfur promotes the formation of white iron.
  5. Current accessories for that Shabby Chic look are Bombay's white iron boudoir lamps from the'30s.
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  7. It too had the marble walls, granolithic floors and oak benches with white iron bases.
  8. White Iron Lake is partially located within the township.
  9. White iron rails decorate the upper windows.
  10. If the furnace is designed to puddle white iron then the hearth depth is never more than.
  11. Liquica is the base of a particularly violent militia group, the Besi Merah Putih ( Red and White Iron ).
  12. When stress is applied to such a casting in application, the fracture strength will be lower than expected for white iron.
  13. _Besi Merah Putih, meaning " Red and White Iron " in Indonesian, a reference to the colors of the Indonesian flag.
  14. Many victims were trapped by intense smoke in hallways and by windows covered with ornate white iron bars, a common anti-burglar device.
  15. In white iron, boron is added to aid in the production of malleable iron; it also reduces the coarsening effect of bismuth.
  16. Loud was president of White Iron Lake, Iron And Water Power Company and owned 500 acres of land in Paloma, California for citrus farming.
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