white ink in a sentence

"white ink" in Chinese  
  1. His drawings were in black and white ink, sometimes with one colour added.
  2. They too are bordered with his signature black-and-white ink drawings recalling cartoon strips.
  3. White ink may sometimes be applied to lighten the old tattoo before proceeding with the cover-up.
  4. The mice erase the cat by firing water at it and sucking it into Tom's jar of white ink.
  5. The front of the T-shirt featured a solitary stump in white ink and green Apple Logo on the back.
  6. It's difficult to find white ink in a sentence.
  7. The other types of ribbons required Cover-Up tape, which deposited a white ink on top of the characters being corrected.
  8. The front of the T-shirt featured a solitary stump in white ink and an amber Apple Logo on the back.
  9. Several Braves wore Galarraga's No . 14 in permanent white ink on their caps as Tom Glavine did Monday afternoon.
  10. The front of the T-shirt featured a solitary stump in white ink and a blue Apple Logo on the back.
  11. The text is Spell 100 from the Book of the Dead and is written rather unusually in red and white ink.
  12. Printed with white ink, simulated watermarks have a different reflectance than the base paper and can be seen at an angle.
  13. The band then completed their fifth studio album, " White Ink, Black Ink ", which the Rebel Group released that July.
  14. 2010 / 11 has seen the release of their second album " White Ink " ( 8 / 10 Vice Magazine ).
  15. To find the culprit, Papa Smurf takes matters on his hands : he sends a note to the Masked Smurfer, dipped in white ink.
  16. He then reads the name of the reaped thrice from a book with red paper and white ink, and guides the dead to the Underworld.
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