white imperialism in a sentence

  1. After Drag Gibson slaughtered his tribe, he began writing militant poetry about white imperialism.
  2. "Some Asian country had to stand up against Western white imperialism, " the book declares.
  3. A place my countrymen call White Imperialism, purposely invoking all of the bloody acquisition and manifest destiny that enabled nationalists throughout history to march to power.
  4. In " Les Blancs, " white liberalism, white humanitarianism and white imperialism; black anti-imperialism, black moderation and black ambivalence all have their say before historical inevitability takes over.
  5. "Even in recent years, academic historians have treated the Alamo defenders as sort of the advance agents of white imperialism, " said Olson, chairman of the history department at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville.
  6. It's difficult to find white imperialism in a sentence.
  7. In the poem and in Lindsay's defenses of it, DuPlessis hears Lindsay warning white readers not to be " hoo-doo'd " or seduced by violent African " mumbo jumbo . " This warning seems to suggest that white civilization has been " infected " by African violence; Lindsay thus, in effect, " blames blacks for white violence directed against them . " Conversely, Susan Gubar notes approvingly that " the poem contains lines blaming black violence on white imperialism . " While acknowledging that the poem seems to have given its author and audiences an excuse to indulge in "'romantic racism'or'slumming in slang,'" she also observes that Lindsay was " much more liberal than many of his poetic contemporaries, " and that he seems to have intended a statement against the kind of racist violence perpetrated under Leopold in the Congo.

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