white ibook in a sentence

  1. The shiny white iBook, on the other hand, may be the perfect student laptop.
  2. A pleasant surprise awaited Apple executives when they tallied feedback forms from customers of the popular, all-white iBook laptop.
  3. Indeed, my son can't seem to keep his hands off of the clam-shaped, iridescent blue-and-white iBook.
  4. Since then, though, I've installed Mac OS X on a new white iBook, and I can attest that battery life is noticeably shorter.
  5. A flashy new computer, like Apple's pearl-white iBook notebook, introduced in May, needs only a magazine ad to show its striking appearance.
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  7. The new, shiny-white iBook, scheduled to go on sale around the middle of this month, weighs only 4.9 pounds, 2 pounds less than its predecessor and considerably less than most PC notebooks pitched to the consumer market.
  8. On the Internet some are already calling it the " G4 iBook, " as though it's just a faster, slightly smaller and lighter version of Apple's inexpensive, ice-white iBook ( which runs on a slower, G3 chip ) rather than a true sibling to the original, 15-inch wide-screen PowerBook G4 ( which is still available ).

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