white hunter in a sentence

"white hunter" meaning  "white hunter" in Chinese  
  1. She said she has heard of fights between Hmong and white hunters.
  2. A white hunter shot him down, and led to bad consequences.
  3. WHITE HUNTERS Brian Herne ( Holt, $ 35)
  4. Doumoulin Herstal SA of Belgium offers the cartridge in their White Hunter model.
  5. Two Great White Hunter films, in fact.
  6. It's difficult to find white hunter in a sentence.
  7. There have been previous clashes between Southeast Asian and white hunters in the region.
  8. The white hunter served these paying customers as guide, teacher, and protector.
  9. "The Ghost and the Darkness " is a Great White Hunter film.
  10. "White Hunter, Black Heart " and " Tightrope ."
  11. Those at the meeting heard stories from some Hmong hunters about friction with white hunters.
  12. On the other side, Hmong hunters have complained about mistreatment and harassment by white hunters.
  13. Casey and Miles help to save a group of white hunters ambushed in a Masai village.
  14. He protects the jungle and good animals like apes and elephants from greedy white hunters and industrialists.
  15. Another popular tale is that he was killed by a white hunter whom the chief had befriended.
  16. "A great white hunter had shot one of its front legs, " he says.
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