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  1. Viertel was best known for his novel " White Hunter Black Heart ", which was made The African Queen ".
  2. The " White Hunter Black Heart " filmmakers took great care with the gun and sold it back to Holland & Holland after filming " unharmed, unscratched, unused ."
  3. In 1990 Fahey starred alongside Marisa Tomei in the TV movie " Parker Kane ", and alongside Clint Eastwood in the Eastwood-directed " White Hunter Black Heart ".
  4. These include, most notably, Lady June Carberry in " White Mischief " ( 1987 ) and Irene Saunders in Clint Eastwood's " White Hunter Black Heart " ( 1990 ).
  5. He particularly remembered Dan Peggotty's houseboat on the beach, and in order to play the role he turned down an offer from Clint Eastwood, with whom he had worked on " White Hunter Black Heart ".
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  7. Through his father, Hutchings had contacts in Zimbabwe from the shooting of the Clint Eastwood film " White Hunter Black Heart ", which allowed the couple to visit the country, where Harrison gained her interest in wildlife.
  8. Some of the madness of the desire to shoot an elephant ( albeit not in Kenya ) is shown in " White Hunter Black Heart ", a fictionalised version of what happened during the filming of the Hollywood classic " African Queen ".
  9. After playing several minor roles in other Hollywood films such as " White Hunter Black Heart " ( 1990 ) and " Alien 3 " ( 1992 ), Mantle was cast as consultant Dr Mike Barratt in the BBC television hospital drama series " Casualty ".
  10. Eastwood directed and starred in " White Hunter Black Heart " ( 1990 ), an adaptation of Peter Viertel's " roman ?clef ", about John Huston and the making of the classic film " The Rookie ", a buddy cop action film.
  11. Perhaps he goes a shade too far in the latter direction, though . " The film was a box office failure, earning less than half its $ 55 million budget and was Eastwood's worst-performing film of the 1990s aside from " White Hunter Black Heart ", which had a limited release.
  12. Rubin's feature film producing credits include " The Narrow Margin " ( 1952 ), " River of No Return " ( 1954 ) starring Marilyn Monroe, the comedy " Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin'So Sad " ( 1967 ) starring Rosalind Russell, and the Clint Eastwood adventure drama " White Hunter Black Heart " ( 1990 ).

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