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  1. But the removal, Whitcomb said, was not racially motivated.
  2. Whitcomb took up sailing as a hobby and purchased a boat.
  3. There is a statue of Whitcomb on Monument Circle in Indianapolis.
  4. Whitcomb resigned from office and Dunning was elevated to his seat.
  5. The Whitcomb home was a center of activity during these years.
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  7. Whitcomb Locomotive Works built 74 4-wheel gasoline mechanical locomotives.
  8. Lot Whitcomb was born in Vermont on April 24, 1807.
  9. Whitcomb was notable as a representative of the equality of races.
  10. She and club teammate, Cassandra Whitcomb, won the competition.
  11. Whitcomb says, wincing slightly for fear his sentiment might sound trite.
  12. Panthers Kate Whitcomb and Claire Anderson finished fifth and seventh, respectively.
  13. American spokesman Gus Whitcomb referred questions to the White House.
  14. Several days later Whitcomb had a " Eureka " moment.
  15. Local brick manufacturer Franklin Whitcomb was the first Village President.
  16. Whitcomb's NST proposal was not advanced beyond his concept stage.
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