where adam stood in a sentence

  1. "Where Adam Stood ", however, was written at a very difficult time for Potter.
  2. Her favourite programmes were " Dixon of Dock Green " ( winner of NVALA's Best Family Viewing Award in 1967 ), " Neighbours ", and coverage of snooker, although she had privately expressed gratitude to Dennis Potter and the BBC for his " Where Adam Stood " in 1976.
  3. While these more malevolent visitors are often supernatural beings ( " Angels Are So Few " ), intelligence agents ( " Blade on the Feather " ) or even figments of their host's imagination ( " Schmoedipus " ), there are also rare instances of benign visitors whose presence resolves personal conflicts rather than exploits them ( " Joe's Ark "; " Where Adam Stood " ).
  4. In 1974, his father died and this, coupled with a severe bout of psoriatic arthropathy, led to Potter developing writer's block . " Double Dare " was a reflection on the problems he was having writing, while " Brimstone " was written in response to the ravages of his debilitating illness; " Where Adam Stood " was Potter's reflection on the communication problems he faced in his relationship with his father.
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