where 2 in a sentence

  1. We had a situation here where 2 and 2 really could make 5.
  2. That was true in Japan, where 2, 000 Cambodian refugees live.
  3. Then, after five shows where 2 of 10 were voted forward in each show.
  4. because they still were living where 2, 000 years before their ancestors made their home.
  5. Another measurable snow event occurred on 11 February 2016 where 2 inches fell after four years.
  6. It's difficult to find where 2 in a sentence.
  7. After all, this is where 2, 749 people died on Sept . 11, 2001.
  8. Workers began resodding areas where 2-inch deep ruts marked the skidding vehicle's tracks.
  9. This marked the first Adidas Unrivaled Game, where 2 adidas programs don alternate uniforms against each other
  10. They included a residential Safe Haven-Ministation where 2 young African-American police officers lived.
  11. :Here in Coventry, where 2 Tone started, we now have a museum to it.
  12. Switch : Where 2 actors are given characters that don't get along with each other.
  13. But developing nations, where 2 billion people still have no electricity, have taken up the slack.
  14. Fighting continued in Sadr City, the Shi'ite slum in eastern Baghdad where 2 million peoplelive.
  15. Russian officials say 24 died in the attack on Kizlyar, where 2, 000 hostages were seized.
  16. That puts Phoenix's airport behind only Los Angeles International, where 2, 526 weapons were found.
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