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  1. Image died at Whepstead rectory 8 March 1856.
  2. A number of owners since have maintained Whepstead as a restaurant and function centre.
  3. On his next appearance, Tehran won the Whepstead Stakes at Newmarket in August.
  4. The only Anglican church dedicated to Petronilla is the parish church of the village of Whepstead in Suffolk.
  5. The Parnell family resided at Whepstead until the mid-1930s, and reportedly made some changes to the grounds.
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  7. There is one pub in Whepstead called The White Horse, which is a free house built in the 17th century.
  8. After the Burnett family left the first Fernbourne ( now Whepstead ), there followed a succession of owners and lessees.
  9. In 1977 the remaining land around Whepstead was subdivided, and the house on 5050 square metres was sold and refurbished as a restaurant.
  10. Timber was obtained from Gilbert Burnett's sawmill located on the Fernbourne Estate at Wellington Point ( see Whepstead ) ( BC 1894a ).
  11. In 1889, he replaced his earlier and more modest home with the large timber house now known as Whepstead, but initially called Fernbourne.
  12. "' Whepstead "'is a heritage-listed villa at Main Road, Wellington Point, City of Redland, Queensland, Australia.
  13. He died at the second Fernbourne in 1925, and his name and those of his children are perpetuated in the names of the streets surrounding Whepstead.
  14. In 1798 he presented himself to the rectory of Whepstead, near Bury St . Edmund's, and in 1807 he became also rector of Stanningfield.
  15. At the time of the English Reformation part of the income of the leper hospital of St Petronilla in Bury St Edmunds came from its holdings in Whepstead, which may explain the village's unusual dedication.
  16. Whepstead house [ 1889 ] and grounds [ established mid-1870s ] have a strong association with Gilbert Burnett and his important role in the development of Wellington Point in the last quarter of the 19th century.
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