wharf cable in a sentence

  1. A Wharf Cable spokesman could not be reached for comment Thursday evening.
  2. Wharf Cable now provides the majority of its subscribers with only 21 channels.
  3. Wharf Cable is a subsidiary of Hong Kong conglomerate Wharf Holdings Ltd ..
  4. Wharf Cable rebuked for airing triad material
  5. Wharf Cable started in 1993 and maintains a monopoly on cable television services in Hong Kong.
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  7. The channel is also shown to 120, 000 subscribers on Hong Kong's Wharf Cable.
  8. Established as Wharf Cable, the current 12-year licence will expire on 31 December 2017.
  9. The aggressive marketing campaign of Telecom for its VOD is also expected to present difficulties to Wharf Cable.
  10. She was referring to the Hong Kong-based Wharf Cable, which broadcasts Playboy programs in the territory.
  11. Wharf Cable, a subsidiary of Hong Kong conglomerate Wharf Holdings Ltd ., lost HK $ 300 million in 1994.
  12. An analyst with an European brokerage said it was unlikely that any consortium would acquire a minority stake in Wharf Cable.
  13. Wharf Cable, the only cable broadcaster in the territory, reached its goal of 300, 000 subscribers in the year.
  14. In Hong Kong, CNBC Asia is carried on Wharf Cable TV, this British colony's only cable televison network.
  15. United International Holdings Inc . claimed it was promised orally in October 1992 that it could acquire 10 percent of Wharf Cable.
  16. Nick Thompson, head of corporate affairs, said the obsolete gear was mainly microwave transmission equipment no longer needed by Wharf Cable.
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