wharewaka in a sentence

  1. Wharewaka has a large proportion of holiday homes.
  2. Recent developments such as the Wharewaka Point Development and the Lakeside development have seen a rise in population.
  3. Wharewaka lies on a small point of land next to Lake Taupo and 1.6 km northwest of the Taupo Airport.
  4. Lower Hutt City councillor Tata Parata argued that the wharewaka was built inappropriately using money from the Port Nicholson Block Treaty settlement.
  5. In April 2012, the auditor-general s office was investigating a complaint that the $ 12.5-million wharewaka was a misuse of public money.
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  7. In October 2011, a Wellington-based Taranaki tribal collective argued that the Wharewaka did not constitute a marae, and therefore they argued that the Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust should move a Trust review meeting to an actual marae in the Hutt Valley.

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