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  1. The old whares had been replaced by more substantial fenced cottages with gardens.
  2. Some of the shallow pits and terraces would have had whares built on them.
  3. Still, some analysts wonder whether, even now, Carp recognizes how deep a threat the shift to f underperform on Kodaj whares.
  4. Already, by June 9, there were two whares, Mori-style houses, and a pile of bricks waiting to be turned into Tuckett's house.
  5. Within a year the settlement had grown to house more than 100 large thatched whares ( houses ) around two marae and by 1871 the population was reported to be 300.
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  7. Much of the population was transient, moving from field to field, and they lived in rough huts or tents ( which were called " whares ", after the Maori for'house').
  8. Couples mask : Link whares this mask when he talks to the mayor in his meeting it will remind him of his family and he gets worried and he stops the meeting the mayor kindly repays him with a hear piece.
  9. Monthly meetings at Parihaka attracted Mori from all over New Zealand and let was set aside for each tribe to have its own " marae ", meeting house and cluster of " whares " throughout the village.
  10. Away over in Stokes's Valley there was at that time a congregation of old sheelbacks and whalers, men-o'- wars men and seamen, lags and hard cases, living in tents and whares but when the earthquake was in its worst throes and they found that it had come to stay sometime this heterogeneous mass of misguided humanity assembled with one accord, and under the guidance of the Rev . Mr Udy, a gentleman of the Wesleyan persuasion, prayed in the open air, harder than ever they blasphemed night and day, for deliverance . ""

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