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  1. With no one to care for it, the wharenui fell down.
  2. The present style of wharenui originated in the early to middle nineteenth century.
  3. The wharenui features an intricately carved revolving pou as well as many other striking features.
  4. He tore up the floor and converted the church into a Wharenui ( Maori meeting house ).
  5. The Heretaunga Plains are named after a carved wharenui ( meeting house ) at Whatonga, and Hutt River.
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  7. Their solution was to lead a group of these students to create a wharenui on the college s grounds.
  8. The pre-eminent Mori architecture consisted of carved meeting houses ( wharenui ) decorated with symbolic carvings and illustrations.
  9. There were many changes to the route over the next three decades including extensions that took it well beyond Wharenui.
  10. Wharenui ( meeting house ) in Waiomatatini, 1896, named Porourangi after the ancestor Ngti Porou derive their name from.
  11. For several years from April 1957 some buses ran via Blenheim Road until the Wharenui buses were extended through this area.
  12. A small change was made in 1947 to provide better access to an area of new State housing off Wharenui Road.
  13. Initially, Wharenui was a standalone route that started from Gloucester Street until such time as it could be accommodated in Cathedral Square.
  14. The steeply pitched roof forms also allude to the entry porch of the wharenui, with its prominent sweeping barge boards ( maihi ).
  15. Marae occur in various sizes, with some wharenui being a bit bigger than a double garage and some being larger than a town hall.
  16. The tree-like central timber post can be seen as an interpretation of the centre posts of the traditional Maori meeting house or wharenui.
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