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  1. The power plant in Weitmar was still supplied in 1984 from Langendreer.
  2. The family settled in Bochum, where he began his football career with SC Weitmar 45.
  3. Neururer had a minor playing career in the lower leagues before moving into coaching at TuS Haltern and SG Weitmar.
  4. Part of a series works involving round steelplates, " Elevation Circles : In and Out " ( 1972 77 ) was installed at Schlosspark Haus Weitmar in Bochum, Germany.
  5. As part of the construction of the Ruhr Valley Railway from 1863, a section of the line was converted to standard gauge in 1865 and in 1868 conversion started on a further 10.2 kilometres to Laer ( opened on 10 October 1870 ) and Bochum-Weitmar station was built.
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