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  1. Last year Weitkamp's office resettled 112 refugees.
  2. Khan's neighbors were incorrect, Weitkamp said.
  3. In 1996, she became a founding partner at the law firm of Reed Weitkamp Schell & Vice.
  4. Weitkamp's office is working to get a visa for Khan's son so he can enter the country.
  5. The church supplemented his salary slightly for a year, said Ross and Steve Weitkamp, the agency's director of refugees and migrant services.
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  7. "Usually this is a busy time for us, " said Weitkamp, whose agency assists with employment, school enrollment, cultural adjustment and applications for financial help.
  8. He joined the law firm of Reed, Weitkamp, Schell & Vice, PLLC, in 1999, becoming a partner in 2002, serving until his appointment as United States Attorney.
  9. Jim Weitkamp, the Communications Workers of America district director in Los Angeles, could not be reached last night to comment on whether the union consented to the sale of the AirTouch shares.
  10. "These Afghans are the first classic refugees we've had since September 11, " said Stephen P . Weitkamp, director of refugee and migration programs for the Kansas City, Kan ., office of Catholic Charities, which found housing for both families.

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