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  1. Peter Weith was the founder of the US operation of the Hegla Glass Company in 1995.
  2. Bob Weith, an Indiana graduate, viewed Knight's move to Texas a bit more directly.
  3. Weith said the arrest warrants were issued for the men because of suspected violations of Germany's immigration laws.
  4. Kravchuk said the factory will begin with annual production of 300 harvesters, weith a cost of dlrs 200, 000 each.
  5. Though the Engagers took the day, each side of the conflict lost roughly equal numbers, weith combined fatalities estimated between 30 and 40 men.
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  7. Last week, after meeting weith the new government established in Rwanda, the commision declared it safe for Rwandans who had fled to return to their homeland.
  8. But the German embassy in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo has revoked the visas on the grounds that they were issued on false information, Augsburg prosecutor Thomas Weith said Friday.
  9. There were two Winter Olympics scheduled over the next four years and professionalism had claimed all the previous Olympic champions and top amateur skaters were expected to stay in competition, especially with weith a two-year cycle between the Olympics.
  10. His " Dreyfache Chronickh von dem dreyfachen Orden . . . S . Francisci, so weith er sich in Ober-und Nider-Deutschland erstrecket " ( Munich, 1686 ) is a source for the history of the Franciscans in Germany.
  11. From 2007 to 2011 he was an active contributor weith administrator permissions in the Russian Wikipedia and a member of the Arbitration Committee . " The Daily Dot " noted Blanter's role in the deletion of a Wikipedia hoax previously listed for almost four years.
  12. The "'Delisle triple murder "'was the April 2010 gun slaying of Gilles L . Delisle ( 69 ) and his wife Helga Harries Delisle ( 72 ) and their business partner Peter J . Weith ( 68 ), at the Delisle home on Mesilla Hills Drive outside of Mesilla, near Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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