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  1. British police have already questioned him in the jail at Weiterstadt.
  2. British police already questioned Studabaker during his time in the Weiterstadt jail outside Frankfurt.
  3. This development is comparable to other towns in the circle around Darmstadt like Griesheim or Weiterstadt.
  4. His name is carried by several streets and other public places in Darmstadt, Weiterstadt and Worms.
  5. All that remains of the line is a siding from Darmstadt to Weiterstadt-Riedbahn, where the line ends.
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  7. He was being held at the Weiterstadt prison near Darmstadt, about 25 kilometers ( 15 miles ) south of Frankfurt.
  8. But unless he has a change of heart soon, he'll be spending his birthday at Weiterstadt prison near Darmstadt.
  9. It was created using Plexiglass by KNIXS GmbH ( all Germany ) in Darmstadt Weiterstadt, Germany, on 29 June 2009.
  10. On Tuesday, German lawmakers rushed to the jail in Weiterstadt outside Frankfurt to question Sirven about a corruption scandal involving former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl.
  11. German authorities were seeking Wolf as a suspect in the 1993 bombing of a prison by the leftist Red Army Faction gang at Weiterstadt south of Frankfurt.
  12. The last action taken by the RAF took place in 1993 with a bombing of a newly built prison in Weiterstadt by overcoming the officers on duty and planting explosives.
  13. Saddiki, a 24-year-old Moroccan national, said he met Maroni at a prison hospital in Kassel, Germany, and Beandalis at a prison in Weiterstadt.
  14. The BTS Inc .'s Darmstadt factory in Germany was near the Darmstadt Train Station and European Space Operations Centre this was later moved a short distance to Weiterstadt, Germany.
  15. A siding to the industrial area of Weiterstadt-Riedbahn still exists on the largely disused section between Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof and Riedstadt-Goddelau and it is occasionally used by freight traffic.
  16. A helicopter was seen leaving the roof of Frankfurt's police headquarters Saturday afternoon and about half an hour later landed at the high security prison in the nearby town of Weiterstadt.
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