weitersbach in a sentence

  1. The Augusta Treverorum ", is also derived ) that came from the old Roman villa rustica in Weitersbach.
  2. School had been reduced to three days each week by 1941 because the teacher had to fill in for another in Weitersbach.
  3. The Rhaunen-Weitersbach-Horbruch sealed road ran by the village through the  Crummer-Wald ( forest ), not through the village.
  4. The French built a munitions depot covering 127 ha of the Idar Forest, ten to twelve hectares of which lay within Krummenau s limits ( the rest was in neighbouring Weitersbach ).
  5. Still left, however, are the " Verbandsgemeinde " administration, the two churches and a " Mittelpunktschule " (  midpoint school, a central school, designed to eliminate smaller outlying schools ) on the road towards Weitersbach.
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