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  1. The property was sold to Anastasia Weitemeyer in February 1936 for ?750.
  2. Anastasia Weitemeyer ( n閑 Gorey ) and her husband Christian Ernest owned the Gympie Hotel, Bundaberg, and moved to Brisbane c . 1936.
  3. Anastasia Weitemeyer lived at Green Gables until her death in September 1969, when the property was transferred to her daughter Doris McDonald who, with her husband John and family, resided at the property until it was sold to the current owners in 1984.
  4. In 2006 he combined with former Canadian National Team rower Rob Weitemeyer as well as varsity athletes Stephane Gervais, Robert Miller and Kevin Johns to capture the overall Men's Championship for Storm the Wall, a relay race held annually at the University of British Columbia, widely considered as the largest intramural event in North America.
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