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  1. Getting there, however, found them weathering some wild fluctuations.
  2. People view the economy as capable of weathering these minor events.
  3. So Peres will have trouble weathering a crisis such as this.
  4. The weathering of the material, the wood, the pilings.
  5. Nobody disputes that China is weathering an unprecedented storm of lawlessness.
  6. It's difficult to find weathering in a sentence.
  7. Motive spent 2001 weathering a drop-off in technology spending.
  8. For now, HMV appears to be weathering the changes well.
  9. One of the cabinets has seen more weathering than the other.
  10. Putin said after weathering the most difficult crisis of his presidency.
  11. Like Turner, Cathy West is weathering Monster's glare.
  12. "I'm still weathering the fallout,"
  13. He was mounting his comeback bid after weathering a corruption probe.
  14. Readiness to adjust key to weathering woes : DPM, BUSINESS TIMES
  15. Likud, though, was already weathering a storm of defections.
  16. Its appearance changes over time through a process called space weathering.
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