wave in a sentence

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  1. The waves are crashing just outside our ocean-view window.
  2. One son waves his hand to get my attention to stop.
  3. "Wilson waved me off, " groused Kopp.
  4. Over to the left, a young man was waving feverishly.
  5. It seems like whomever is getting those good waves is winning.
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  7. 4 ) Determine whether light is a wave or a particle.
  8. Maple Leaf Gardens fills with flag-waving Greeks and Croats.
  9. Waving one's hands around won't help either.
  10. In fact, Levi itself has responded to the vintage wave.
  11. Eventually, you can start riding a wave of changing attitudes.
  12. Discovered, Mitterrand waves aside his despicable activities as youthful indiscretions.
  13. Smiles and waves have been replaced by frowns and searching stares.
  14. Though I waved back, my response was hesitant and flat.
  15. Many were smiling and waving to the low-flying aircraft.
  16. It would be difficult to pinpoint that first wave of serenity.
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