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  1. I * know * it has something to do with wave mechanics.
  2. Those who used the techniques of calculus included wave mechanics ".
  3. Your intuition from classical wave mechanics won't lead you too far astray here.
  4. A new edition was published as " Elementary Wave Mechanics " in 1945.
  5. When Bethe arrived, Sommerfeld had just received Erwin Schr鰀inger's papers on wave mechanics.
  6. It's difficult to find wave mechanics in a sentence.
  7. However, this period was immediately superseded by the full three-dimensional wave mechanics of 1926.
  8. Later in the same year, Schr鰀inger created his wave mechanics.
  9. On its appearance in 1924 it apparently had little direct connection to the wave mechanics.
  10. Both depend on wave mechanics .-- T 12 : 53, 16 December 2005 ( UTC)
  11. At G鰐tingen, Richard Courant had taken Schr鰀inger s wave mechanics formulation, both put forward in 1925!
  12. This theory set the basis of wave mechanics.
  13. This was followed in early 1926, by Erwin Schr鰀inger introducing the wave mechanics formulation of quantum mechanics.
  14. You'll probably only need the first couple for wave mechanics, there's a whole bunch of topics covered there.
  15. Relying on these methods, Pauli derived the hydrogen atom spectrum in 1926, before the development of wave mechanics.
  16. In the end, the model was replaced by the modern wave mechanics which Erwin Schr鰀inger developed in 1926.
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