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  1. The storm was estimated to have caused a maximum wave height of.
  2. Tsunamis have very large periods, high speeds, and great wave heights.
  3. There is no published information on wave heights in the Abrolhos.
  4. That is, if wave heights remain below 25 feet ( 7.6 meters ).
  5. The hurricane increased surf along the Texas coast, with wave heights of observed.
  6. It's difficult to find wave height in a sentence.
  7. Annual storms on Lake Superior regularly feature wave heights of over.
  8. So the wave amplitude is ?" H ", half the wave height.
  9. They are capable of operating at wind speeds of and wave heights of.
  10. As the wave height increases, the wave may become unstable when the trough.
  11. The significant wave height is generally much lower than that of the North Sea.
  12. where F _ 0 is the linear excitation force complex amplitude per wave height.
  13. The length of the slide influences both the wavelength and the maximum wave height.
  14. Buoys in the area recorded wave heights of up to.
  15. Wave heights of up to were also measured in Hawaii.
  16. In their weather products, they give ocean wave height forecasts in significant wave height.
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