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  1. He has been confronted by a gun-waving group seeking someone to kill.
  2. As a man, he went on to manage the entire Wave Group.
  3. I see it a lot in hip-hop and new wave groups.
  4. This would happen only if the wave group is very large.
  5. Toy Dolls, based in new wave group, but we're not serious.
  6. It's difficult to find wave group in a sentence.
  7. It was also her third solo album after leaving new wave group The Go-Go's.
  8. Such rogue wave groups have been observed in nature.
  9. Envisioned by Late Mr . Kulwant Singh Chadha, the Wave Group was established in 1963.
  10. The music is provided by Mark Mothersbaugh, late of the 1970s new wave group Devo.
  11. QED were a New Wave group with EMI Records.
  12. LP, the first recording to expose no wave groups to an audience outside of lower Manhattan.
  13. It was remade by new wave group Animotion in 1989 and included on their eponymous third album.
  14. It is owned by The Wave Group.
  15. beat pattern, called a wave group.
  16. Modern wavemakers are computer controlled, and can generate besides solitary waves, wave groups or even tsunami-like wave motion.
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