wattages in a sentence

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  1. It reportedly is made of tungsten and is of unknown wattage.
  2. High-wattage lights kept the halls bright even before dawn.
  3. Carroll, however, will be turning up the wattage soon.
  4. The heavy-wattage cast tends to overpower the smallish stories.
  5. Another peculiarity of halogen is high wattage and high operating temperatures.
  6. It's difficult to find wattages in a sentence.
  7. Don't the cops have some wattage abusers to bust?
  8. That's a whole lot of guest-star wattage.
  9. If so, what's the true wattage of CFLs?
  10. There is no logical connection between rated wattage and filament temperature.
  11. That measurement goes up exponentially if it's taken in wattage.
  12. Add lights and increase bulb wattage to areas that are most used.
  13. The high-wattage halogen bulbs can also cause fires by shattering.
  14. Beneath his owlish glasses, Jiang flashed his high wattage.
  15. So don't put great stock in wattage claims.
  16. Wattage ratings, for example, depend on several variables.
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