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  1. The station contained a 50, 000-watt transmitter housed in a copper-walled building.
  2. WFDD broadcasts from a 60, 000 watt transmitter near Welcome, North Carolina.
  3. KFI initially used a 50-watt transmitter made from a crank telephone.
  4. AO-6 had a 1.3 watt transmitter into a half-wave dipole antenna.
  5. There also was a 5, 000-watt transmitter unit for emergency use.
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  7. It returned to the air on June 8, 2012 with a 100 watt transmitter.
  8. On June 29, 1941, KIRO's new, 50, 000-Watt transmitter on Maury Island became operational.
  9. The station used an RCA BTA-5F 5, 000 watt transmitter at the College site.
  10. CJSR operates a 900 watt transmitter, broadcasting throughout Edmonton, Alberta and the surrounding area.
  11. Currently, WCBN is in the process of installing a new 3, 000 watt transmitter.
  12. KCPR's first broadcast occurred with a small two-watt transmitter in the fall of 1968.
  13. In 1941 the Government's Information Department installed a 300 watt transmitter in Lusaka, the capital.
  14. It operated with a 10, 000-watt transmitter output covering Metro Manila, Central Luzon and Calabarzon.
  15. The station operates via a 24, 500-watt transmitter located on Taylor Road in Butler County.
  16. Henry Herman's station originally broadcast using a 5-watt transmitter.
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