watt system in a sentence

  1. Nice C魌e d'Azur Airport will experiment with the Watt System solution under actual conditions.
  2. A 10 watt system will not realistically have so much variability that it could be louder than a 25 watt one.
  3. I flip Matt the key and watch him crank up the windows and sound on the four-disc, in-dash CD changer that's part of a 360-watt system with Infinity speakers in nine locations.
  4. The third generation TL was also the first car in the American market to include a 6-disc DVD-Audio system, output through an 8-speaker 225-watt system, engineered by Panasonic and tuned by Grammy-award winning Elliot Scheiner.
  5. Their light-emitting plasma ( LEP ) lamp is claimed to be able to operate up to 50 % more efficiently than conventional high-intensity discharge lamps ( HIDs ) while generating the same maintained lumen as a conventional 400-watt system at about half the energy.
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  7. Though the above comments voice legitimate concerns about manufacturers tolerance, variability, test conditions . . . that might matter if you were to compare a 25 and a 28 watt system . . . but it is unrealistic to assume that there could be such blatant order-of-magnitude errors.
  8. But even without it, you'll get an 80-watt, six-speaker system with in-dash CD player in the coupe, and a 120-watt system with an additional speaker between the seats in the roadster ( to help you hear the stereo with the top down ).
  9. When playing music, even a true 40 watt system typically doesn't send more than a watt of average power to the speaker . ( compare how hot a 40 watt speaker gets compared to a 40 watt light bulb in the same enclosure ) Far less than that makes it to your body .-- talk ) 07 : 22, 30 January 2013 ( UTC)

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